Beginning Farmer Project

Helping New Farms be Successful Through Education

The Beginning Farmer Project is an initiative whose mission is to connect beginning farmers with affordable education.  We believe that education is key to a small farmers success in the formative years of a farm and could be the difference between a farm thriving or failing. We have worked with over 75 farmers since we began and plan to help 100 more before the end of 2019.

This current initiative is to give those who would otherwise not be able to afford an online course the chance to take advantage of the great benefits of a course during those initial years of setting up their farm business. If 

BFP Scholarship Recipients

This course has saved my farm! 

Rhonda, Beautiful Hill Farm

I am starting my first full year as a market gardener. The information from where to buy stuff is worth its weight in gold. Knowing where to go and get the tools needed for a successful garden is unmatched

Lloyd Simmons

I went to school in horticulture at UGA. I was the assistant manager of their Organic student farm. I have taught and been taught plants for years and years. Your class is the single best repository of information and application I have ever encountered. In a beautifully broken down and organized way you list everything that a college level farming degree tries to teach people over multiple years and many internships. Thank you so much

Tom, Bagby-Moon Seeds and Stems Farm

The Neversink Farm Course has been instrumental in our development of Song Dog Farm. We just began our 2nd growing season and while we had a year of in person education on a local farm and many books and resources at our disposal, nothing has matched our scale, values, principals and goals quite like your course. he course has helped shape our farm and give us the confidence to grow and succeed in this business.

Thank you for the BFP program! It's an honor learning from you and
conversing with you. 

Jason Hinkes, Song Dog Farm