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Market Farming Course

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The Complete Market Farm Course Includes:

   · Lifetime Access*

   · All course modules and singles (Over 50 Hours Content)

   · Exclusive member discounts to tools and supplies

   · Live Q and A with Conor

   · Member Forum Participation

   · Access to all upcoming bonus lessons



What is the Market Farming Course About?

- I believe this to be the most complete and advanced online education platform for small scale farmers. 

- I cover the Neversink Systems to growing vegetables, which are about High Efficiency and High Profits.

· Farming is hard work. This course is not about some secret to duplicating my success but about the 100s of things I do at Neversink Farm which contribute to that success. Be ready to work for it!

 Who is the Farm Course For?

· This is for experienced small scale farmers who want to become more profitable or more efficient by creating systems that work.

· This is for beginners looking to quickly ramp up their knowledge, while planning the future of their farm. You have lifetime* access so it can be used as a reference while you build your farm.

How is this Course Different?

· Conor Crickmore is a well known educator in Small Scale Market Farming and a creator of super efficient farming methods that are proven to work on his farm.

· My success is built on hundreds of small and large changes that I made on my farm over the years. I try to cover all of the cumulative changes I made that resulted in an organized, well run, and profitable farm.

· I am not aware of any small scale farm course that goes into as much detail and covers as many topics as this course does.

· Over 100 lessons, each running about 30 minutes, with more being developed all the time.

Course Requirements:

 These are ONLINE courses with HD VIDEOS, thus it is best that you have a fast internet connection to get the best experience. I recommend at least 3 mbps speed service. You can get by with 1.5 mbps but you will need to set a lower quality video setting and it may not always work.

Lifetime Members will have access to the course they purchase, along with new content created for that course, for as long as it is online and active*

 Enjoy the beautiful content on your computer, mobile device, and tablet!**

Modules are released every two days based on your registration date

Complete Market Farm Course

What Course Members are Saying

It was hands down the best thing we've invested in so far. First full season on, working about 1.4 acres, several unexpected issues, and we're still slated to gross about $140K this year.


This course is amazing! It’s not just changing how I farm but how I organize my life. Thank you!


Great value for the money...The Task Tickets and Cheat Sheets are Brilliant - More Please!


It’s awesome. Can’t really say enough good things, it will completely change the way you think about farming.


I just wanted to take the time to say Thanks for putting together such an amazing course. The info provided has and will continue to fundamentally change our family farm


It is 100% worth every penny. This course is taught by a real farm business person who has first hand gone through problems and the learning curve of a production farm.


Complete Market Farm Course

Market Farming Online Course FAQ

Will the course be applicable to my region?

While local adaptations certainly must always be made, the course is applicable to any farm anywhere. We currently have active course members all over the world, in over 50 countries, including tropical zones on multiple continents. The course goes in depth on managing systems, farming efficiently, soil, hoop house design, propagation techniques, putting up fences, transplanting, creating a lease, vegetable wash and storage, marketing, trellising, climate controls, irrigation, maximizing profit, etc. etc. all of which can be applied anywhere. Most of farming has little to do with your location. For example, you may water more or less, but your watering infrastructure and systems for getting things irrigated remains the same regardless of where you are. This is true for most aspects of farming.

Is this for Experienced Growers?

We currently have active course members all over the world and in very diverse stages of developing their farms, from beginners to very experienced. The course is built to go into great depth about every system that Conor has put into place to run an efficient and profitable farm. Conor covers everything from how he grows specific vegetables to how he manages employees and organizes work spaces. He includes organizational documents that he uses such as employee checklists and employee contracts. He discusses not only how his farm works now, but also how he started small and grew from there. The course is all about managing systems, farming efficiently, and maximizing profit. It is many hours of material (> 40 hours), and our most successful students are those who loyally engage the content and begin immediately implementing it at whatever scale they are able to at the time. 

Some more experienced members actually learn that they have to unlearn much of what they've been doing and that they could have saved a lot of money if they had done it differently from the beginning.

Is this for Beginners?

While the course certainly covers many things that you will not be able to implement immediately, it will give you a bigger picture of where you are going and what you are working toward. It can serve as a sort of road-map for your farm, including covering tons of things that are immediately applicable (choosing and prepping land, soil improvements, organizational systems, weeds, pests and disease, and tons more)  as well as more advanced things that you will need to be planning toward. This will help you avoid mistakes and keep you from losing money having to rework things that were not done right from the start. Since the course is a lifetime membership, you will be able to re-watch and reference the material whenever needed over the years to come. 

We also have many members who do not farm but just really enjoy watching the videos.

How does this compare to your YouTube videos?

I go into far greater detail in the course. If you just look at volume of content , I have about two or three hours total of youtube content while the complete market farm course is well over 50 hours. There are 100 lessons, each averaging 30 minutes.

The course is organized and jammed packed with downloadable material. Also every tool and supply that I use at the farm is linked.

Though there is really no comparison in terms of the amount of content, I do bring the easy to watch approach along with beautiful cinematography into the course. It is not just me talking to the camera. You will be fully immersed into the farm experience.

Can I download the Course?

There are loads of PDFs, Text Documents, and spreadsheets  for Download.

It is not possible to download video material, obtain dvds, or the course itself, however. The reasons for this are numerous but the main reasons are that 1) The course is well over 2 TB in size thus it is way too big. 2) It is in a special format that is organized with links and text with customized tracking capabilities 3) We are continually updating and adding to every aspect of the course. 4) There are over 100 individual video lessons

Do you have a Payment Plan?

Currently we do not have a payment plan.

Complete Market Farm Course

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More Course Member Comments

I am taking the course. It is excellent. The information will save me tons of time and trouble reinventing a wheel.


A ton of content on operations and production...the module on greenhouses alone saved us about $3000 in mistakes we would have made.


We took his class, he is a systems guy and has created systems to dummy proof all the processes on his farm to hand to workers and developed the most streamlined and efficient steps to squeeze out as much profit as possible


I know that incorporating his systems will help me eliminate painful wastes of time so I have more time to plant.


I actually bought a couple different (courses) and hands down this one is way more useful 


My questions are always addressed so quickly and thoroughly!!


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